Today was a big day. Not just in the sense that we had simultaneous shoots going on in Sydney, Canberra and the Philippines, but in an bigger picture, slightly existential, and bordering on 'meaning of life' kind of way. Today, we met Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist Brian Schmidt. You know, the guy who proved that dark matter exists, and as a consequence, proved that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

No big deal. Right?

Our interview with Brian was part of an eight-part editorial series we are producing for The Australian, which looks to uncover how leading Australians achieve and maintain success. The series will launch across The Australian's print and digital channels, with a double page spread interview in The Weekend Australian Magazine, a video showcased on The Australian's website, and teaser posts and videos across social media.

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Image credit: European Southern Observatory via Flickr creative commons